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The Cash Industry's Pandemic Response: It's Time for a Hot Wash
So you were forced to use your business continuity plans due to COVID-19? What did you learn? What could you do better next time?
The COVID-19 pandemic caused the world to take a step back and react. Most major businesses have pandemic BCPs, however, during the creation of them, did anyone really think it would happen? From the Federal designation of a “necessary business,” to finding qualified vendors who can perform the regulatory requirements, to employee resource constraints, did you encounter situations in the plan where there was no script?

It's time to take another step back and evaluate the actions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic and develop a plan to improve our response and ability to weather the next crisis. It's time for a hot wash.
In this session, we'll discuss the value of a post-event “hot wash,” how to apply effective countermeasures to ensure your risks are mitigated, and steps you should institute now so the return to business-as-usual doesn’t negatively impact your people, brands, or profits.

Aug 17, 2022 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Brad Moody
EVP, Operations @Lowers Risk Group
Internationally recognized as a subject matter expert for security compliance and audit, Brad is a frequent speaker, author, and moderator on risk mitigation, cyber fraud, financial services compliance, occupational fraud, anti-money laundering, and social engineering fraud investigations. He is a thought leader in security, financial services, cyber risk, cryptocurrency, healthcare security, insurance markets, and professional consultancy services. Brad offers 25 years of executive experience in financial services risk management and has collaborative partnerships as a trusted advisor with financial institutions by managing audit and compliance programs.